Safety Statement

WORK SAFE AND STAY SAFE" with safety. That is our company policy

Company safety department has developed and in-house “Safety Manual” which describes the essential safety practices to be followed by every company individual. Company has its own safety department, which is controlled by the Safety officer of the company. It is his direct responsibility to develop new safety standards and direct responsibility to develop new safety standards and implementation of safety practices among the company people.

Implementation of safety practices is also the responsibility of every individual working in the company. Following the good safety practices creates safe working environments.

Delegated safety engineers will conduct “Safely refreshing seminar” on regular intervals. Hazard identification will be prepared, reviewed and ap- proved prior to commencing any activity. The copy will be distributed among the craft people who are involved that particular works.

It is mandatory that all the employees working in the company must be attend a "Safety Awareness Course" which conducted by the company safety department.