General Managers Message

We are proud to be associated with iconic projects and will continue to benchmark our acheivements

After working within the development industry, I have come to realize that the UAE construction industry will continuously have an upward request, in spite of fluctuating financial patterns.  At FGC over the long period of time, we have worked on numerous benchmark ventures for both open and private sectors. We are pleased to be related to notorious ventures and will proceed to benchmark our accomplishments.

Whether the projects are at remote locations or in the heart of the city, FGC can, and has the experience to deliver any construction/ mechanical projects of any size or configuration, at a given time, fully customized to meet customers specific requirements. This by far had been our biggest forte.

Our commitment to providing high-quality construction, on-time delivery is very evident and that is one of the main reasons why our clientele continues to expand every year. We place paramount importance to our professional pool of talented executives. Our technical staffs are trained as per internationally accepted standards in technology, ensuring that the end product is delivered in accordance to project specifications.


Nowadays, our different extend of portfolios span a wide range of ventures that include residential, commercial and mechanical development. FGC track record illustrates our clear-cutr capacity t put the company’s center values and vision into activity, guaranteeing as it were the best in products and services as advertised.


Shefin Abdul Kader

Chief Executive Officer