HSE Policy

Future Gulf Contracting LLC is committed in giving and keeping up a secure and healthy working environment for our workers guests and all individuals utilizing our premises as a workplace. To guarantee a secure and solid work environment, we create and keep up a health and security management framework. Extraordinary administration will set wellbeing and security objectives and execution criteria for all managers and work zones. Yearly survey wellbeing and security objectives and execution criteria for all managers and work zones against these:

  • Actively encourage the accurate and timely reporting and recording of all incidents and injuries.
  • Investigate all reported incidents, discomfort, pain and injuries to ensures all contributing factors are identified and where appropriate, plans are developed to corrective actions.
  • Identify all existing new hazards and take all practical steps to eliminate, isolate or minimize the exposure to significant hazards.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of the hazards in their work areas and adequately trained to enable them to perform their duties in the same manner.
  • Encourage employee consultation and participation in all matters relating to healthand safety.
  • Continually improving our health, safety and environment management system to achieve our aim of zero accidents, good health and pollution free environment – this includes training programs and reviewing policies procedures each year.
  • This policy is designed to help protect workers from the dangers of drug, alcohol and other substance misuse and to encourage those with such problems to seek help.
  • Individuals who implement, manage and sustain these improvement programs are recognize with the Performance Appreciation Awards.
  • Meet our obligations under the FEDERAL LAW NO (8) OF 1980 (UAE Labor Law), codes of practice, and any relevant standards or guidelines.
  • Ensuring all incidents, injuries and hazards are reported to the appropriate person.
  • FUTURE GULF CONTRACTING LLC manages all its activities and operations in a responsible manner and minimize the adverse impact on the environment.

We at Future Gulf Contracting LLC shall integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and operations to prevent pollution, minimize other negative impacts and generate positive outcomes wherever possible. As evidence of this commitment we will:

  • Provide sufficient resources to enable us to achieve our environmental objectives.
  • Compliance with all relevant legal, contractual and regulatory obligations
  • Each employee is expected to promote and implement this policy and extend the under
  • Take all practicable steps to prevent pollution in our activities
  • Conserve resources through the efficient use of energy and materials
  • Systematically manage our environmental performance of projects
  • Provide appropriate training for our employees and sub-contractors to improve awareness
  • and knowledge of their environmental obligations
  • Set targets and review results on a regular basis with the aim of continually improving
  • Identify and comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulation and contractual obligations. our environmental performance. standing and acceptance of the policy to our suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers.